Swagger generates a “200” response of all operations. If any action method returns a model then it will be utilized to generate a schema for the response body. ... Then we will have to configure the following convention by invoking DocInclusionPredicate in AddSwaggerGen to assign the corresponding actions to documents. Customizing Swagger UI. Mar 08, 2022 · It allows both computers and humans to understand the capabilities of a REST API without direct access to the source code. Its main goals are to: Minimize the amount of work needed to connect decoupled services. Reduce the amount of time needed to accurately document a service. ABP Framework offers a prebuilt module for full Swagger integration .... Jan 16, 2017 · オプションのDocInclusionPredicateで対象のコントローラやアクションを絞り込むことが出来ます。 上記の例ではコントローラ名にApiが含まれている場合だけ、Swaggerの対象になるように設定しています。.

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